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Date: 18-07-2016

Aiming to be a leading hair manufacturer with a wide range of products, Anka Hair., JSC has established its firm and prestigious position in this industry through our long-term commitments to our customers. Our 100% remy natural human hair products are processed with the latest tools and machines by experienced workers to achieve the finest quality and be made available in various colors and textures that can meet all your demands.



Anka Hair., JSC aspires to be prestigious and trustworthy human hair manufacturer with top quality products.



To be the preferred and most trusted manufacturer of our customers providing them with various products with customer orientation.

To offer our customers long term best offers with top quality products at competitive prices .



Customer comes first: your demands are what we supply, your satisfaction is what we care, your beneficiary is what we value.

Best quality comes with best price: we aspire to be the best hair manufacturer with products of best quality with best prices.



  • Customer Service: We are available to help with 24/7 services. Place your order and we care the remaining.
  • 100% remy human hair: Natural human hair that is soft, smooth, silky, beautiful, tangle-free and thick (top to bottom).
  • Top quality for a competitive price: As a manufacturer we have much advantages over trading company to provide you with products of at-source price with top quality.
  • Amazing satisfaction: easy to use, long lifespan, various length, textures and color without damages to your own hair.
  • Quick shipping worldwide: UPS, DHL, FEDEX, AIRLINE, etc.
  • Supportive returns and exchange policies.



  • Single Drawn Hair: Remy natural human hair of good quality with straight, wavy and curly textures and natural colors  in various sizes from 30cm to 80cm and up.
  • Double Drawn Hair: Remy natural human hair of better quality with straight, wavy and curly textures and natural colors  in various sizes from 30cm to 80cm and up.
  • Machine Weft Hair: include kinds of human hair with all natural colors and textures which are processed with modern tools and equipment by skilled workers to produce hair products with premium quality.
  • I – U – V – Flat Tip, Clip-In Hair, Tape Hair (Hair Extensions): Super easy to use, long lifespan, various length, textures and color. All for your hairstyle options without waxes, glues and damage to your own hair.
  • Lace Closure (Wigs): We produce wigs with 100% natural human hair of all styles, color and texture for your choice. Choose your style and make your identity to be a new you.
  • Super high Quality Color Hair: includes 100% natural, remy hair with top quality which are processed by modern equipment to produce products which are natural-looking, shiny, silky, smooth and soft.
  • Virgin Human Hair – No Mix: includes 100% natural, remy hair cut off from one head, unprocessed, not dyed, without nits, in the same direction.
  • Products as Special Order (size, quality, color): As per or special requirements for the length (up to 90cm -100cm or 36-40 inches), for the quality of super good hair, for the color of natural looking beauty.

Contact us to have best deals everyday. Place your order and we care the remaining, we are available 24/7 if you have any question.

Anka Hair., JSC

Address: No. 7A, lane 850, Lang Street, Dong Da District, Hanoi city, Vietnam

Factory: Dong Bich, Dong Tho, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province, Vietnam

Contact: Ms. Jenny                       Tel: +84 978 988 705              WhatsApp: +84 978 988 705

Skype: jenny.viethairs

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: Ms. Jenny:  + 84 978 988 705


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